Google Chrome OS cold blooded or not?

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announced “his” new OS. OK we all love Google for many services such as google search, maps, reader, calendar … Chrome … but Chrome OS? What’s the deal with this new OS. As far as i have read, it is a Linux distribution, but it will be very much limited. OK, that may sound just like Mac OS, they had limited their users, and everybody thinks that having Limited but fancy skinned OS is cool. I disagree! But Google has a Brand maybe even bigger than Apple and Microsoft. So it can “sell” anything he likes. Chrome OS is hitting for net-books, that are mainly for web … where Google has the biggest cut of cake. So maybe he will be more successful than WinXP.

The other part of the story is that Google is pushing the cloud computing, which is somehow OK. But, you know, my files are somewhere in the world, and I should trust that someone somewhere? I don’t know. Maybe it is more secure, maybe it is not. We’ll see what the future brings.

Microsoft should be concerned about this, not because Google is going to brings us the miracle, but because he is opening the doors for Open Source Community to average user. Every single hardware manufacturer is going to write drivers for Googles OS. But because it is Linux, it will be installable on every Linux distribution. So more and more software developers are going to make their precious applications for Linux. OMG, I hardly wait to see that day, when I can use Adobe and Autodesk on Linux :)

So, from one point of view, Google is bringing us nothing new this time, but from the other … he is choosing the side that is against corporations like MS and Apple.

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