9 Android Apps for designers that I find very useful

There are some designers that are using Android based phones, right? I know that the designers are often choosing iPhone as their smartphone device of choice, but I`m certain, as I`m one of them, that there are Android fans among us :)

So I`ll pick some of the apps that I`m using in my inspiration/development process.

Let`s begin:

1. Magic Color Picker (free)

Magic Color Picker is an powerful color selection tool suitable for designers, artists and programmers for selecting colors using different color models.

Supports 7 different modes and RGB, HSV, HSL and YUV color models. Use either palette or sliders to adjust. Colors are shown in decimal and HEX.

Magic Color Picker
Magic Color Picker

This is very useful tool for on the go color choosing ;)


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Really Inverted Colors

OK, maybe I haven`t discovered America, maybe this was tipped somewhere
already, but I just wanted to share with you all this easy tip on how
to invert colors, but not the way Photoshop “invert” function does, but
to preserve the color palette in pic and invert them :)

Here is the picture I`m going to use:

Breach __ Fissure by ~enm-e

all the credits goes to enm-e from deviant


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