Retrospective look at my roots of 3D :)

I was surfing the youtube today and stumbled upon some video that got me thinking: “wow, these were the reasons for me to start doing 3D”. I was so overwhelmed that I had to write a post about it.

I can`t really remember what was the first video I saw that had visual effects that got me thinking about learning 3D, but I`m quiet sure on of these are

SNAP – Eternity

[youtube m_5ChDbbaJ4]

Dire Straits – I want my MTV

[youtube wTP2RUD_cL0]

Terminator 2

[youtube StJ80M-B2v4]

I was very impressed as a kid with this movie, I was looking for a software that was used to make this VFX, at that time, there was no internet, so all that I have found was Alias Studio and that it has used some really nasty machines that was made just for rendering raytracing :)

Except for T2 CG in these videos looks very cheap to me today, but hey those were 90`s and I was a kid.

First time I got my hands on 3ds max was in 1999, a year after I’ve got my first PC > it was Pentium 233 MMX with 32mb of ram and 4mb 2D graphic card. The first version of max was 3.1 and first animation was some kind of rotation of rhino that was coming in the package :)

But the real learning started in winter 2002 when I was 2nd year of academy. I remember I was spending whole day and night figuring out how to do this and that. And then came broadband and video tutorials. I learned so much in matter of months, that I couldn’t learn without online knowledge in years.

So thank you Google, and all the people who were willing to share there knowledge, tips and tricks for free

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