Let`s talk about Seven and Microsofts “new” marketing ideas

Microsoft Monopoly
Microsoft Monopoly

Almost three years ago Vista came out, and there was very big NO from all the users of than popular XP. Now three years later, we are facing new OS called Windows 7, and everyone is excited and cannot wait to give Microsoft their money for it. So what is the catch?

I was following the development of Vista when it was in early beta, through RCs and when it RTMed and was finally done, I switched to it. When I first saw the flip-3D and task-bar thumbnail preview, I was thinking, wow, if this is in beta, what will it be in RTM. But Microsoft was under great pressure from hardware industry. They had to make x64 windows, to satisfy the market. Because at that time AMD and Intel were in some kind of cold war. AMD first made the x64 CPU with possibility to execute x86 applications. And that was the great jump for them. Intel, as a more powerful company (I mean, they have more money to invest), very soon released the same thing. Than the war started, and it was looking as the AMD will win. But you all know the results. Let`s get back to MS and Vista. MS has released the first aid XP x64 that I think was not popular at all. And then few years later, Vista came out. Everyone was talking about x64, many new blogs and website was writing if it is better to switch to x64 or not, and so on and so fort. There was few youtube clips of what Vista will look like, and what it should be as Longhorn. There was rumors that MS stole MacOSs effects and Linuxes security tricks.

When I first got my hands on Vista, it was of course x64. I had only 2gb of ram at the moment, but soon enough I bought 2 more. First sentence after trying it for one day was “Niko me puškom na XP neće naterati” or in English: “No one is going to make me switch back to XP, not even with the shotgun”. The start menu search above all was revolutionary for me. And there came 3dsmax 9 x64 and vray 1.5 x64 and so others. But, there is always but. :) I had some serious problems. BSOD was coming out of nowhere. Restarts and so on … I tried to find the problem, and fix it. After some digging, I found that nvidias drivers was causing problems. And actually it was RAID driver of nforce4. And not just them, the quicktime player was resetting the driver. I uninstalled the quicktime and installed modded drivers, and BSODs seams to have disappeared. But from time to time, a was having BSODs, and a found that my TV Tuner ASUS MyCinema p7131 was faulty. But not at first hand. But I reverted back, and got the new one. The seller was trying to make me think it was Vistas fault, and that I should get back to XP. Everyone was telling me that I was crazy and I should use or XP or Ubuntu. Yes Ubuntu. Ubuntu community got very strong blogosphere than, and everybody was amazed by their flashy effects that were not that useful, just flashy. I must say at this point, that I`m supporting the open source idea, but Blender is not that good as max, Gimp is not that good as Photoshop, and to switch to them, I would have to spend so many hours that I don`t have.

My point is that MS is not to blame; nvidia, apple and the bloggers was very strong at that time, and MSs fault was only that they didn`t realize that. Nvidia developed drivers for nforce chip-set after more than a year that were stable. Apple too. But the bad word was already spread, and everybody hated Vista and Microsoft. SP1 has fixed almost all of the bugs, and SP2 has proven the stability. Today Vista is very good OS. And you can rely on it. But, very small number of people are willing to switch from XP to Vista.

This year Microsoft was announced that they are going to release Windows 7, and that they are going to make Beta testing public. After this Internet was full of information about new OS. Almost all of them was good. But no one was saying that this is Vista in the core. MS paid some blogger (many of them) to make good reviews of new OS. And many people strongly believe what bloggers are saying. Because it`s the power of “friends word”. And now we have optimized Vista with flashy new features, hardware manufacturers had written x64 drivers for Vista that win7 will eat, and we have good marketing behind all of this. Everyone will now pay for new operating system, even if it is just well packed older one. Even the system requirements are the same. I am not saying that win7 is bad. I am just saying that MS could give us all of this features in Vista SP3, but hey … no one would talk about it. So, no one would buy it. And MS would be in serious trouble. And yes, MS was saying that it will ship 7 without Media Player and IE to European countries, but it was all a buzz and good marketing trick.
Come on all of us and help Microsoft grow his monopolistic position.

One thought on “Let`s talk about Seven and Microsofts “new” marketing ideas

  1. Ja cu na srpskom da pisem. Mrzi me na engleskom :P
    Potpuno se slazem sa ovim sto si napisao. Svidja mi se prevod izreke. :P Na Visti sam bila 2 ipo godine i svi su hejtovali kad im kazem da sam na Visti. Svi su imali neki negativan stav, koji me je jako nervirao. Komentari ljudi oko mene je bio kako je Vista spora. Kada odmah posle xp-a sa sp2 instaliraju Vistu koja ima svoj cuveni Aero, svima je delovala jako spora. Vista ima animacije kada se otvaraju prozori i zatvaraju, sto je valjda svima davalo utisak kako je spora. A da ne govorim o tome kako su svi koristili i instalirali u Srbiji one ocerupane verzije XPa koje su skidali sa neta, gde su pogaseni svi nebitni servisi za prosecnog korisnika.

    Evo juce sam probala Windows 7 i isti je ko Vista. Ja stvarno ne vidim razliku, cak ni u brzini. Kapiram da je Win 7 optimizovana Vista tj bas kao sto si rekao Vista sa sp3. Ok dodali su ovaj superbar, i malo raspored onih opcija u control panelu promenili, opcije za mrezenje je isto malo doterano, al nista spektakularno. To je interfejs. I ko sad koga ovde zamajava? Novi OS? Ma daj. Samo bolji marketing. O tome se radi. Microsoft se okrenuo blogerima, platio ih da sire dobru rec. :) Potpuno se slazem. Za Vistu nisu imali ovakav tretman, tad jos nisu kapirali da korporacijski marketing vise ne pije vodu kod ljudi. Ovo je objasnjenje kako su “stvorili” novi os za manje od 3 godine.

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